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I promised that I wouldn’t post any spoilers about The Last of Us on the forums, but I think I can post up some insight on how much I like this game on the site blog w/out causing any of that grief.
In The Last of Us, you get the story of Joel, a man with some tragedy in his past. Then again, as the world is going through a bit of a viral apocalypse, he’s unlikely to be alone in that. But it’s there none the less.
Joel is tasked with helping a young girl, Elle, make it through the ruined landscape of post outbreak (20 years after, I believe) United States.
There are some comparisons to The Road (both the book and book inspired Movie) to be made here. But they’ve been made already, so I’ll skip over it.
Joel remembers what the country used to be like. Elle only knows what the country is like after the virus. So the interplay between the two of them as they pass through the country is really interesting. Whether or not the game’s story writers intended it or not (I sort of believe that they did) there’s some commentary on our society going on there. Elle tends not to understand why we are the way we are, and Joel, for the most part, often finds himself at a loss for how to explain it.
This isn’t new ground as far as story telling goes. Heinlein’s, “Stranger in a Strange Land” is an excellent example of this plot device. And there are many more.
That can’t take away from the sense of being immersed in it through the medium of a video game, though.
This is an excellent game. You are definitely a part of the story and I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s an emotional trip. People have the ability to really treat each other like crap. And after society falls apart, you’ll see that the level of suckage goes to 11. Joel and Elle are the anchors in each other’s lives, though, and it’s awesome to experience that during the play-through.

I can’t recommend the game enough.


It always surprises me that whenever I take a sabbatical from posting here, the spam “comments” here go away. However, the day that I post, regardless of topic, I get about 20 – 50 comments that my spam filters weed out for me.
My posts tend to be cathartic, and generally for myself only. Although, it’s kind of fun to get a reply once in a while from my friends, I tend to let that sort of business happen on Facebook or in the forums here at wife-aggro. I enjoy putting my thoughts down somewhere. So, since I’m paying the bills up in this bitch, I figure this is as good a place as any.
On that subject, The Last of Us comes out this week. My wife pre-ordered me a copy for Christmas stocking last year. So, if I can find that GameStop card, there should be a copy down town for me this Friday. It’s a PS3 game, so that’ll get me off the PC for a bit, I fear. Not that the folks I generally play games with will notice as I’ve been mostly been playing Batman: Arkham City for the last couple of weeks. And that’s an experience that I’ve shared with nobody. FYI, the Joker was my bitch. As was Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, and Solomon Grundy.
There are a couple of multiplayer games coming along that I’m pretty eager to play with others. One that I didn’t expect to be looking forward to is Payday 2. I don’t know if I can find 3 other people in our little game group who want to play this regularly, but the idea of playing as a team of bank robbers just sort of appeals to me in the sequel where I through the premise when the original game came out to be kind of stupid. :) Maybe I have a lot less sympathy for large banks this year. The new DLC for Borderlands 2 is another bit of multiplayer goodness that I’d like to experience. So far, though, I’ve only heard 1 of my friends express much interest.
Ah well,
There are a ton of single player experiences to keep my going for a while still.


Looks like I may get some of what I was hoping for:




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Microsoft is set to release some details about their next console today.


I’m not a console fan for gaming, but I do look at consoles for what they can add to my entertainment center as a whole. Currently, we’re using our PS3 to watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon content.

What I’d like to see is what I think I was promised with the Xbox 360. A console that included the features of Windows XP Media Center Addition. Updated, of course, to Windows 8.

Last week, I spent some time looking into wireless methods to stream content from my laptop to my HD TV. Wouldn’t it be nice if the next Xbox could double as a household media server? Throw in a USB or Firewire (or whatever the kids are using these days), so that I could expand the storage a bit for my movies, music, and photos?

Just. some. thoughts.


I own a LOT of games.
PC Games, Xbox Games, PS3 Games.
I’ll be honest, it’s likely that I own more games then I should. I know for certain that I own more game then I have time to play said games.

This post is not about me being an ass and trying to get in some sort of random dick measuring contest regarding the games that you own, and the games that I own. If you’re reading this, it’s entirely likely that you also own a crap ton of games.

I think that this post is about time.
Put simply, I own more games then I have time to play. I love computer / console games. Along side randomly strumming the strings on my guitar and the occasional slap and tickle session with Mrs. DogRobber, games probably take up the majority of my non working time.

It’s not enough time.
Looking over the list of games that I’ve purchased but haven’t finished is a who’s who of great games over the last 3 to 5 years.

Fallout: New Vegas
Mass Effect 3
Deus Ex: Human Evolution
Dead Island

Not even to mention DLC for games that I feel like I’ve finished like Borderlands 2 and GTA IV.


And new games are coming out every month.
I want to play the Batman games, for example.

I’d blame my game hoping friends if it wasn’t for the fact that when I have time to play those games, I’m off checking out new games.

I suppose there are worse problems that I could have.


To be quite honest, I don’t update this page a lot because I’m not sure that the stuff that I’m up to is really all that interesting to anyone but myself. And I already know what I’m up to. Most times.

But maybe I can keep my own mind on task here and provide some illustration to the madness that goes on between my ears on a given week.

On the college front, I’ve completed 4 classes this semester. I’m currently working on a 5th, but I set my due date for the end of the current semester (the end of February), so I’m sort of relaxing and taking my time with it while I reacquaint myself with other interests. As the first 4 classes were all focused on business ethics and the legal aspects of business management, it’s a real pleasure to have that behind me so that I can work on the actual business bits and pieces of the degree.

On the gaming front, I’ve been playing a lot of Borderlands 2, Mechwarrior Online, and Planetside 2. I did complete the single player game for Far Cry 3, but I need to get some more of the co-op played. So far, I’ve been able to get 1 evening of it played with Isk, and it’s a ton of fun. Three of us are playing Borderlands 2 and about 4 of us play Mechwarrior Online, so I tend to play whatever everyone else is up to by the time I get off work and get to play.

Rage talked me into another video series. This time it’s based on the Tekkit mod for Minecraft. The mod is quite a bit of fun, so far, but we’re still kind of collecting pieces of video to see what kind of series it will be. Or, to be honest, he’s looking over the video to see what kind of series it can be. I’m taking the weak mind, strong computer, assistant role here.

The break in school has also allowed me to start putting some more time into Unity and Game Development. I’ve more or less started my project, which I’m calling G-S-B at the moment for Gather – Sell – Build. Those are the 3 basic parts of the game at the moment. Once I get those prototyped out, I might look adding in F for Fight.


What to do…

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I finished up my first period at WGU and have picked up an extra class, since I’m a couple of months ahead. So far, I’m pretty happy with the method that they use over there. At least, it feels like that topics that I knew and the topics I needed to learn are easy to build on. The competency evaluation methods are a little odd at first, but I’m enjoying the challange of working through them.
At some point I have to pick up a couple of certs as part of the program that I’m on. It’s been a few years since I passed the Network+ and a couple of Windows 2000 certs, so it’ll be kind of fun to pick up some new ones.
I shelved my YouTube and Unity activities for a bit while I got my feet under me in school. But now I’m kind of getting an itch to get back into Unity again. I never really stopped thinking about the type of game that I’d like to work on, so I expect I’ll be firing that back up this week or next. I’ve been getting a ton of updates from Burgzerg lately, so maybe I’ll catch back up over there.
3DBuzz has been a different matter entirely. After about a month of being a sponsor over there, it seems like the C# and Unity content sort of dried up. There are still a ton of things that I can work though from that site, but I’m not sure about the longevity over there. I know they have had some instructor turn over which led to some of the issues that I’m seeing, so I’m not intending to drop my sponsorship just yet. But I do hope to see them get back into the groove of providing those videos and courses that initially interested me in that site.

anyhow, that’s the update. Hopefully, I’ll have something worth posting about going on more often going into 2013.

Ragemore posted a couple of videos he produced for MechWarrior Online now that the NDA has been lifted.

I consider myself something of a idiot savant when it comes to creating videos and I deem these very decent under that criteria.

Here’s video showing gameplay through the dusty cockpit glass of the recently released Raven Mech.

While I can’t comment on Rage’s piloting ability exhibited here, as he’s someone that I have to listen to on a regular basis, I can vouch for the general feel of the game the above video shows. It’s a game about huge brooding mechs slugging it out for stuff. And I keep hearing that that stuff will be awesome. I greatly enjoy the slugging it out. I’m looking forward to the stuff.

Until then, here’s another video to tide me, and you, over.


Hey, we’re packing for PAX, and I’m in a bit of a rush, but I wanted to post really quick that I managed to slap together another tip video for treasure chest finding in Guild Wars 2.

Check it out here:

I’m hoping to get some floor footage at PAX, but we’ll see. If it looks like ass, I don’t really want to put it up.

Have a great holiday weekend.


So, I got tired of listening to my friends complain about how difficult it was to craft in Guild Wars 2.
Maybe it was friend rather then friends.
Possibly it was aquantence rather then friend.

But anyhow, I digress.
I put together a video showing how Discovery works when crafting in Guild Wars 2.

Check it out.

/flame on