Church Wedding Rental Agreement

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4 Special requests beyond the provisions of this contract must be submitted for approval by the Director of Weddings – Rentals prior to the event, preferably at the time of the signing of the contact. If further applications are to be submitted after the contract is signed, these applications must be submitted for approval no later than 24 hours prior to the trial or event, if no samples are conducted. All last-minute applications must be submitted for approval at the Eastland Baptist Church venue. Please note that the director and the eventhost have the last power in such cases. Service staff/event organizer All florists or decorators of service personnel, coordinators, musicians, photographers, external agents and videographers must receive, verify and approve the rules established by the rules and guidelines for event organizers. The rental client must have received the signature of this staff on the “Provisions and Policies for Event Organizers” form, confirming that they have received and followed the provisions and guidelines of the Eastland Baptist Church. These forms must be signed by all sellers as well as by the bride and groom and returned to the director of Weddings and Rentals no later than one week before the event, with the exception of external agents who must submit their form one month before the event. Number of guests Wedding Ceremonies The main ground floor of the shrine can comfortably accommodate up to three hundred and ninety (390) guests in benches. The combination of the three balconies can accommodate two hundred and ninety-four (294) guests in theatre seats. Bridal photo shoots are available only for the bride and her assistant, photographer and two assistants.

Parking In total, one hundred and thirty (130) parking spaces are available in the rear churches and side car parks. This number includes places reserved for people with disabilities and can be reduced by ecclesiastical vehicles. Deposit booking data is guaranteed by the first deposit and the contract on a first come, first base served. Your deposit of $300 pounds and will hold your date. It does not apply to rental fees. It will be refunded after your event, provided that there has been no theft or damage and that all the rules of this contract have been respected. The church may withhold cleaning costs of 150 $US bail if the church is not repatriated by the marriage society in its state before the marriage. Bridal Photo Sessions and Elopement Ceremonies do not require bonding.

Rental/payment fee Except for elopement ceremonies and wedding photo shoots, the full rent is due thirty (30) days before your event. The down payment does NOT apply to rental fees. Payments that are submitted on page 4 of 7 5 33 (30) days or more in advance can be made by personal cheque or cash. Payments submitted on the day of a wedding photo shoot or elopeation ceremony must be made with cash, a cash check or a payment order. The director of Weddings and Rentals should authorize the acceptance of a personal cheque in anticipation of an event. Eastland Baptist Church does not currently accept credit or debit card payments. Booking and cancellation The down payment is not refundable after the contract has been signed. If the church has an available date and the director of Weddings – Rentals authorizes the change, you can move on to another date. Your signature indicates your consent to all applicable rules. If an event is cancelled at some point after the contract is concluded, the down payment and all rental fees paid (minus $100) will be refunded if and only if the church is able to re-exchange that date with a similar event.