Hud Rad Use Agreement

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On November 1, residents signed a new rental agreement that preserves the current rights of tenants and protection after the renovation of the RAD. The authorization and continuous use policy and the CHA management plan will also be maintained and updated to reflect the adjustments required as part of the ADR conversion. In addition, CHA will have a RAD use contract, long-term basic leases, attention restrictions and other registered restrictions to ensure stability and keep these assets affordable for future generations. When converting, some real estate becomes tax credits. When low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) is used to finance large construction on a site, the property is subject to LIHTC rules, which include additional revenue certifications and inspections. What impact will RAD have on new and current candidates on CHA waiting lists? As of January 1, 2015, cha has not added new candidates to its waiting lists for families and the elderly/disabled. As a result of revitalization and modernization work throughout the CHA portfolio, households must temporarily relocate while the property is renovated. To provide housing for the temporary move, the CHA must keep units empty. On April 23, 2015, a letter was sent to all active Applicants for Public Housing (Family Public Housing and Elderly/Disabled Public Housing) informing them of the lengthening of the waiting times for the completion of the ADR. Five Things Residents Should Know About Public Housing Transformations The THA is experiencing the same delay in necessary improvements to its housing stock as other PHAs in the U.S. RAD will allow THA to take advantage of new funding flows to renovate its aging housing, ultimately creating a more attractive environment for residents and surrounding communities. Some THA properties date back to the 1950s and have not undergone significant renovation and transformation since their inception.

RAD will enable THA to revitalize these properties and thus improve the quality of life of its residents. Before THA can begin the rad conversion, HUD requires us to inform all the inhabitants of the proposed municipality for the transformation of the RAD of our plans; We are also required to hold at least two meetings with residents at these properties. Please inform your administrator or social service coordinator of the date on which your real estate interviews are scheduled. these meetings are a great opportunity to learn more and ask questions. Residents of real estate converted to RAD have a right of return, a ban on re-examination and significant reporting and relocation rights required by HUD.