Wedding Cake Contract Agreement

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Is the cake delivered to the place or picked up by the customer? If you want delivery, then you need to discuss the delivery fee (because AKA delivery your time is not free)! Collecting all the details of the event will help you better manage your orders. You can also refer to this information in case of disputes over the order of cakes. At this point, everything will probably change (event details, cake design, flavors, portions, etc.). To get an accurate account of everything you and your client have discussed, you should keep your cake contract up to date. The prices of cakes can be difficult! We recommend pricing based on the number of servings and increasing the price per serving when the cake uses the fondant, additional details, special toppings, accessories or steps. Cakes can sometimes earn furniture or stacking costs. These fees are usually flat-rate and apply to cakes that have more than 2 levels. In these situations, I always try to make it very clear that I will not start working on a wedding cake, or that I will not deliver it until I am paid full-time – no exception. If a customer accepts your contract – awesome, you have already arranged all the cake and event details correctly. If you haven`t heard it come back yet, you can just watch and follow through your pending contracts! [ ] Detailed description of the cake on which you agreed: If you have the signature, the customer has made a psychological commitment to do business with the RSI. It also means that the customer accepts your terms and conditions, which protects you from certain debts and claims.

In addition, the treaty is legally binding. The document is provided as such, without any guarantee, whether explicit or implied. Let your lawyer check every contract you use. We recommend that when the contract is concluded, take a prepayment of 25-50% non-refundable to block the order. The purpose of this bond is to protect against cancellations, deferrals and other land deformations. But I`m one step ahead. On the contract, I need 50% of the balance due 6-8 weeks before the event, and the balance is due 2 weeks before the event. I learned the hard way to hunt money on the wedding day is a pain, so I refuse to do more. A cake contract is a formal handshake between you and your customers.

The contract is used to agree the terms of an order. This includes event details, cake design, portion size and especially payment. It is a good practice to affix cake drawings, sketches and/or photos discussed for recording purposes. If there is ever a point of conflict about the design, both parties can easily revisit this section. Remember that events can get hectic and things often go wrong! We recommend receiving 2 or more emergency numbers. These phone numbers are useful if your customer doesn`t pick up the phone. Emergency contacts are usually wedding planners, photographers, MCs, bridesmaids or groom. Set all conditions in advance with a cake contract. That`s the difference between serving a friend and making professional cakes.

Certainly, I tell the brides that changes can be made within a reasonable time before marriage. If they realize they have more or less guests than expected or suddenly see a different design or texture that they like, I`ll make the changes if I can (and adjust the price accordingly). In the excitement of winning customers, it is easy to skip steps. But don`t forget that you can unscrew yourself if you don`t get customers to sign your cake contract. If you have any further questions about contracts, ask me in the comments and I will do my best to answer if I can! Happy Caking! You will whip a first cake contract and start to note some information, including: Hello Rose, first of all, I would like to thank you for all the information is very useful.