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In conclusion, in order to establish that an IBO had the authority to hire, ACN had to demonstrate that an IBO had the authority to entrust an individual or an agreement with the sale or assistance in the sale of ACN`s “products and services”. The agreement between ACN and an IBO prohibited an IBO from hiring an individual or an agreement to sell or support the sale of ACN`s “products and services” unless ACN authorized such an agreement. As a result, ACN has not demonstrated that an IBO meets the requirements of ORS 670.600 (3) (e). Under the contract, the IOS was compensated by premiums from a customer`s initial subscription to ACN`s telecommunications services and by commissions from a customer`s continued use of these services. An IBO could also earn more compensation by “sponsoring” other IBOs, called “downline IBOs.” Under the terms of the agreement, an IBO could be compensated for its own customers` subscriptions and continued use of ACN`s products and services, as well as subscriptions and the continued use of IBO customer products and services. What is a “public document”? The law lists nine types, one of the most important contracts and other written agreements for which the company wishes to be legally bound. Other examples include bank statements and invoices, tradable instruments such as cheques, business mail heads and orders for goods and services. The ALJ concluded that an IBO agreement to “not sell or recruit customers by a person or agreement” meant that an IBO “could not employ an individual to market [ACNs] products directly or indirectly without authorization [ACN]] “. It is therefore not necessary to demonstrate to ACN that its ICI meets the criteria set out in ORS 670.600 (3)).

ACN attributes an error to this provision for several reasons. ACN, a subsidiary of ACN, Inc., is registered and headquartered in North Carolina. ACN is a licensed retailer for telecommunications products and services, which include satellite television, internet, wireless services, digital and video phones, mobile phones and mobile phones, as well as home security. The services and products do not come from ACN, but from different third-party national suppliers. ACN enters into agreements with suppliers and sells supplier products and services to customers and businesses through its IBOs network. During the release period, ACN had IBO contracts with several people in Oregon. Each person entered into a written contract with ACN, consisting of three documents: the ACN Independent Enterprise Agreement, ACN`s guidelines and procedures, and ACN`s compensation plan.