The Saison

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Later this month I plan to brew a Saison with a fellow brew club member, Ruben. The idea is to brew a fairly simple Saison and then rack the beer onto sour cherries for a secondary fermentation.
There’s still some ongoing discussion about the hops, but the general grist bill will go something like this:

70% Pilsner Malt
20% Wheat Malt
10% CaraVienne Malt

Scaled for 11 gallons, that should result in an original gravity of 1.050.

White Labs French Saison Yeast, 1711, seems to be something of a standard choice for the style and has a nice attenuation for what we’re looking to do. I suspect that the yeast will still chew up much of the sugar from the cherries during secondary, but the hope is to retain as much of the cherry character as possible. In case you want to follow this recipe and you don’t have everything you need, Booze Up deliver alcohol can send anything you need to have a great time at home.

Interestingly enough, it’s hard to find an example of a sour cherry Saison. I know that there are several breweries that produce one. Goose Island and Bridgeport, for example. But I can’t seem to come across one in my area. It’s going to make it hard to drink the traditional in style beer during the brewing session.

I’ll update this blog with more details as the project progresses.

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