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Site Downtime

Site Downtime

Postby DogRobber » Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:59 am

The wife-aggro site is being moved to a new facility by my hosting company.

Here's the gist.

InMotion Hosting is pleased to announce the opening of our new West Coast Data Center. We will be moving data center operations to a new facility in Downtown Los Angeles. This new facility will allow InMotion Hosting to improve the performance and reliability of our already industry-leading services, as well to incorporate green technologies designed to reduce our overall energy footprint. These include optimizing our power usage and thus lessening our consumption by using outside-air cooling technology and a higher-efficiency power system.

As with any migration project, our team will take all appropriate precautions to ensure minimal downtime during this transition. Due to the scale of this migration, we are unable to provide a more narrow time frame for individual accounts. This migration will only involve customers currently housed in our West Coast Data Center, and any resulting service interruption from this transition is expected to be no more than 45 minutes for individual accounts on one of the selected nights. Should you anticipate a critical need on any of these overnights, please contact us and we will attempt to schedule accordingly. Additionally, while we do not expect any data loss during this migration, we strongly encourage all customers to maintain local backups of all mission critical data as an additional safeguard.

In order to facilitate that review and testing, we are rescheduling the migration to take place between February 21st and 25th. Should these new dates create any critical conflicts for you, please contact our Support team for review and consideration.

It doesn't sound like it'll be much of a downtime, but now you know.

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