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Forum Changes and Maintenance

Forum Changes and Maintenance

Postby DogRobber » Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:41 pm

Based on activity and my own arbitrary guidelines, I've moved the Battlefield 3, SWOTR, and League of Legends "Games We Play" forums into the archive. I pull them back out if the outcry about that change disturbs my quan too much.

I've also created a Games We Play: Guild Wars 2 forum to better contain that game's topics.

Additionally, I've been giving some thought to the Friday Night Shootout board. It's not hugely active. However, I suspect that with Planetside 2 and Dust on the horizon, it could be. So, I'm soliciting opinion about it.

Lastly, these forums are about 3 revisions behind. So sometime tomorrow or Friday, I'm going to get the board updated. The forums will be unavailable during that time period, but it shouldn't take more then 30 minutes unless I really mess something up.

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