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Building a City

Building a City

Postby Ragemore » Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:55 pm

So we are building a city, many thanks goes out to Sethanon who has been putting in extra time breaking rock in his "hole" so we could afford the land we need to build this city. With out his contribution we would still be stuck in 10x10 plots in other people cities.

But... if there is one thing I have learned in Minecraft is there is a great evil with in this game. No, it's not the creepers, zombies, spiders, or Skeleton Archers. No, it is not Gandalfthepwned, though he is a close second. No this evil is more sinister, more subtle, more pervasive then anything we have encountered before. I call it the "Evil Sandbox". It corrupts your best laid plans by tempting you with ever expanding game-play.

I only recognized it when I started recording my game-play. I would notice that I would log in planing to build a simple house, which would turn into, "I should build a farm real quick", and "I need more wool", and I should dig to bedrock for diamonds", and finally finish with "I'm going to build a boat." This evil destroys your plans the minute you take ten steps away from where you started. It will stop at nothing to steer you away from completion, and it leaves a wasteland of unfinished projects and ideas in it's wake. Don't believe me? Just run out the spawn location in any direction and count the number of unfinished houses or mine you find compared to the finished ones. Better yet, set your self a goal, and at the end of two hours of playing count the number of no-goal related activities you accomplished.

Once this evil realized we are building a city it went to work on our plans. So this post is the first salvo in a war against unfinished projects. I believe we have a fight before us, but it is a fight we can win, we will win.

I plan to post several separate post to organize information for those who wish to join me in this crusade.

For posts about projects I will use the [Project] in the title so we can keep information about each one separate.

Let us take back this world, and make it our own.
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Re: Building a City

Postby DogRobber » Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:27 pm

I'm down as long as we get to eventually put Haden to the sword and torch.
Those emo, angst ridden pre-teens need to be stabbed repeatedly. If nothing else then because I'm sure their inability to pay taxes ("wut iz ah ten-foorty EZ?") is going to put serious doubt into my ability to retire when I'm done with my turn paying for the previous generation's retirement.

Where's the poop, Robin?
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