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Postby DogRobber » Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:55 pm

I know you were thinking about a minecraft server.
I was doing some research on DayZ servers last week and noticed that the host service that I liked for DayZ also offers Minecraft servers if you're still looking for it.
The company is named HFB Servers.
They scope the server by RAM you want, and I know nothing about how much RAM you'd want, but they do offer custom .jar imports, so you can get the mods you want.

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Re: Server

Postby Ragemore » Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:11 am

Yeah, it seems Minecraft servers is big business, they all seem to have levels based on ram, and differing options for uploading custom .jars for mods.

The one I was looking at is a group he sets up Tekkit servers, which is what I thought would make a great series for us.

Of course, with GW2 taking up our time so far, wasn't sure if it was a good time yet. I also still need to purchase Vegas, which I should do in the next few weeks.

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Re: Server

Postby Grim » Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:20 pm

Taking a servers class right now and after looking at the systems they have you are correct anyone of those should work great for a game such as mine craft, even the day z mod game would run fine on a Xeon quad core proc. The ram is important based on your amount of users too. are you looking at just the wife-aggro guys playing on here or opening it up to the public? if its just us then the 16gigs should work fine and there shouldn't be any need to upgrade to the 24 or 32 gig unless you just want that much power. the basic 10000bit 100mbit port should be fast enough for your purposes to. Aside from the ram decision your biggest selection would be your operating system I would think, I have not worked with cent yet which is the basic they have listed for your dedicated server but the windows server 2008 has a very nice server manager snap in within the GUI that makes using and configuring the server fairly easy(with a little learning curve) but if your more comfortable or experienced with the command line from Linux or Fedora then you should probably roll with that. Not much more info for ya I know just my two cents. The place your looking at though is based out of Seattle I think it said? so as long as you all ping well to there you shouldn't get any lag.
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