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Map Corruption

Map Corruption

Postby Ragemore » Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:24 am

So we had our first bit of Map corruption after the restart, and of course though the map saves every 30 minutes it overwrites the one before it, so I didn't have a map file to restore back too.

Fortunately it was a very tiny corruption that happened out side of the processing facility, and only took out one wall of machines, and created a big square hole of water.

I made a back up and stored it on my pc, and started repairs. Once I get it fixed again, I'll make another back up and probably a recording of the stuff we have done.

I then should force myself to get more editing done so we can role out some episodes of the Tekkit series. I do want to eventually try to upload an adventure map, and lets us try to play through one of those.
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