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Destiny 2 & Allegiance & VR

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Destiny 2 & Allegiance & VR

Postby DragonReborn » Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:20 pm

Hey, it's been a while everyone. I'm hoping to finally have some gaming time soon now that the good weather is winding down.

I was just curious if anybody was planning to play Destiny 2? I never played the first, but it looks like it could be interesting, more of a shooter RPG, and hopefully with less grind than the first one was supposed to have.

I also noticed Microsoft is planning to re-release Allegiance. For any that didn't play, it was a unique combination of a space fighter game and a RTS game where you had one leader in charge of building, researching, sending out miners, etc, while the rest piloted ships, sometimes big carriers with one person flying and the others gunning. I'm not hugely fond of space fighting games, but this one was a lot of fun. I've never seen another game quite like it.

I also broke down and got an HTC Vive, so if anybody has a VR set and wants play something multiplayer sometime let me know. So far I just have Elven Assassin & Star Trek Commander that are multiplayer.
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