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Ahab Tourney

PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:06 pm
by Ragemore
I would like to propose a Spear fishing tournament to crown the "Best Spear Fisherman of Cry Havok", working title.

The rules:

All entrants meet at the south end of the island. I'll have a place setup that we can store our stuff, and dino's.

Time limit: 20 minutes
Objective: Use your spear to fish for any animal you find in the ocean, lake or river.
Inventory: You may have the following items, Stone Spears, Pick, food, or berries. No armor.
You must make the kill with a spear, but can use a pick to harvest the catch.
Scoring: 1 point for Meat, Spoiled Meat, Hide, pearls, oil, chitin, kerritan.
2 points for Megaladon teeth.
Only items that are in a designated bin at the end of 20 minutes counts, your inventory will not count.

1st place - Gets all non-meat/hide/Spoiled items and is able to chose one of the three main items Meat, Spoiled, Hide. Also holds the Title of Champion Spear Fisherman.
2nd place - Gets to choose from the remaining items not chosen by first place, and a custom made Steel Spear.
3rd place gets the remaining items not chosen by First or Second place, and a dodo named Ahab.

For those who can not make the live event, may record an episode with a 20 min timer to submit as their entrance to the contest.

I think this could be a fun group event to kick off the server, and get a chance to meet up with people as much as possible.

SO what do you guys think?